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Orion HCCA1058N HCCA Pro Audio 10" 550W RMS Midrange Speakers 2200W Max 8 Ohm EACH

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 Orion HCCA108N HCCA Pro Audio 10 550W RMS Midrange Speakers 2200W Max 8 Ohm EACH
 Orion HCCA108N HCCA Pro Audio 10 550W RMS Midrange Speakers 2200W Max 8 Ohm EACH Orion HCCA1058N HCCA Pro Audio 10 550W RMS Midrange Speakers 2200W Max 8 Ohm EACHOrion HCCA108N HCCA Pro Audio 10 Inch 500 Watt RMS Midrange Speakers 2000W Max 8 Ohm backOrion HCCA108N HCCA Pro Audio 10 Inch 500 Watt RMS Midrange Speakers 2000W Max 8 Ohm
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Retail Price: $269.99
Thunder AV Price: $249.95
You Save: $20.04 (7 %)
Item Number: HCCA1058N
Manufacturer: Orion
Manufacturer Part No: HCCA1058N
Condition: New
  • Precision in Sound Experience audio excellence at its peak with the ORION HCCA108N 10" Neodymium Midrange Speaker. Meticulously designed and engineered to deliver unparalleled sound quality and performance, these speakers redefine the way you listen to music. Whether you're a dedicated audiophile or a car audio enthusiast, these speakers are the embodiment of precision and innovation, allowing you to rediscover your favorite tracks with stunning clarity and depth.

    Neodymium Magnet Excellence: The incorporation of neodymium magnets ensures exceptional sound quality, efficiency, and reduced distortion, allowing you to experience your music with stunning accuracy.
    Sonic Precision: Immerse yourself in a world of sonic precision, where every note and instrument is faithfully reproduced, revealing the finer details that were once hidden.
    Powerful Performance: With a power handling capacity of 550 Watts RMS and a peak power of 2200 Watts, these speakers deliver a powerful midrange performance that captivates your senses.
    Efficiency and Clarity: Neodymium magnets enhance power efficiency while maintaining clarity, allowing you to enjoy clean, articulate midrange frequencies.
    Immersive Soundstage: These speakers create an immersive soundstage that brings your music to life, allowing you to experience the depth and breadth of each musical element.
    Crafted for Excellence: Designed with meticulous attention to detail and built to last, these speakers are a testament to craftsmanship and engineering excellence.
    Elevate Your Music Experience: The ORION HCCA108N 10" Neodymium Midrange Speaker is a journey into the heart of sound, where innovation and performance converge to redefine your audio experience. Whether you're seeking to upgrade your car audio system or indulge in the art of music, these speakers deliver an unmatched level of quality and precision. Let the power of innovation and the beauty of sound envelop you as you explore your music collection anew with the HCCA108N.

    • Speaker Size: 10 (Inches)
    • Voice Coil Configuration: 8 ohm
    • Power Handling (Peak): 2200 Watts
    • Power Handling (RMS): 550 Watts
    • Sensitivity: 101.4 dB
    • Frequency Response: 105 Hz - 12 kHz
    • Voice Coil Diameter: 3" (Inches)
    • Speaker Quantity 1 Speaker


    • Material: Cast Basket
    • Cone Material: Non Pressed Paper
    • Phase Plug Material: Billet Aluminum
    • Magnet Information: Neodymium
    • Grilles Included: No
    • Mounting Depth: 99mm / 3.9 (Inches)
    • Overall Depth: 111mm / 4.37 (Inches)
    • Cutout Diameter: 234mm / 9.21 (Inches)
    • Overall Diameter: 260mm / 10.24 (Inches)
    • Recone Kits Available HCCA1058NRK, HCCA108NRK or HCCA1054NRK/HCCA104NRK (4 Ohm)

    NOTE: These are Midrange Speakers and are not designed to run FULL RANGE.

    If you run them FULL RANGE, you reduce power handling and can blow the speakers. Recone Kits are available if you do. Repair services available, Contact Vendor

    Please use a 12db/octave High Pass Crossover at 150HZ Minimum. MFG recommends 250Hz for max power handling

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