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  • Note: This is for information purposes, so you the consumer can make a better buying decision, this is not a reflection of how or does business.
  • Due to contractual restrictions, prices cannot be listed at discount. Listing prices in any format is a direct infringement of dealer contracts and will result in dealership suspension and cancellation. Most people online are not direct dealers so it is not their contracts at risk. They will and do remove the serial numbers off of the products they sell so they will not get caught selling online, and lose their own, or someone elses dealership.
  • People on Ebay for example, that act like businesses with no characteristics of a legitimate, normal business like a business license, resale number, merchant account, etc. Then add the rip off shipping charges, funky policies designed to wipe dealers of any responsibility for warranties after the product ships, no physical addresses, no local phone numbers so you can determine where they are in the US, etc ,etc .
  • Ask yourself this: Why would any legitimate business not list an address, not list a phone, not list a fax number? Why would Ebay allow "e;businesses"e; to sell on their site not list an address? Why , cause they are hiding, they are hiding from the manufacturers, they make themselves invisible so no-one can retaliate in any way if they get ripped off. And Ebay could care less, they get their % whether the people are selling stolen equipment, broken, non-existent, fake equipment , whatever. Anything goes realistically. Lies, deception, and flat out scams are rampant on the internet and ebay is an easy place to access millions of people with credit cards. . It is generally in your best interest to pay $20 more and buy from a legit source.
  • This is not about free market, this is about Idiots, selling products they have no business selling. They cannot tell you a single feature, or what the feature means to you the consumer, and cannot provide any support, installation help, anything on the product. They sell products like they are junk, like a pair of shoes, making themselves $5 off of a $500 amplifier for some extra video game money. It is a joke. A joke that is made out by ebay, advertisers, and others to be as legitimate as buying off of a local retailer. Well, it is not, not in any way, shape, or form. Bottom line, do your homework, dont take everything as face value, don't believe everything you see on a companies website, cause lying to consumers is a common everyday thing. Make the calls, ask the questions, make sure you know what you are getting into.
  • Keep in mind, products with no serial numbers can be considered stolen by the PD, and I have heard of the PD confiscating equipment for potential possession of stolen property. I have had people even tell me on the phone "e;I don't care if it has no serial numbers"e; . Well think about the line above and this as well, someone steals your stereo, and it has no serials.. There is no way to prove that it is yours, even if you know who took it, there is no way to prove it without serial numbers. I am sure the PD will question you if they do recover the gear, as to why the serial numbers are tampered with...
  • READ THIS for more information on internet sales
  • Call toll free 877-390-1599 or email for pricing or system design help.
  • Authorized dealer for Earthquake, CDT Audio, Cadence, AutoTek, Hifonics, Crunch, PPI (Precision Power), Orion, ADS, Crimestopper, Directed Audio/Video, Oz Audio, Power Acoustik, Farenheit , SPL, Kole Audio, Nesa Vision, Viper Alarms, Xantech, Planet Audio, West Coast Customs, Xtreme Audio, Python Alarms, Bassforms, Atrend Enclosures, XScorpion Enclosures, Subzero Enclosures, Sirius Satellite Radio, Guitammer (Buttkicker), MMats Pro Audio, ADS, Russound, Batcap, Rockford Fosgate, Aura Sound, Kenwood and Kenwood Excelon.